IT Professional

Over the years, I have worked on both the management, and the technical side of servers, networks, desktops, laptops, printers, and so much more.  This page, the different resumes, and the information here only represent a portion of my abilities.  Just as we don’t rely on the salad to see how the whole meal will taste, don’t look to this page to uncover all of my talents.


The ITIL framework supports many of the items that Benjamin knows through simple common sense.  Keeping an IT Infrastructure solid and complete requires following those best practices, and then building upon them.  Benjamin’s certification in ITIL helped to support his role with SOX compliance, a natural evolution from past roles in Change and Service Management.  Only through following in the footsteps of the best guides, can an IT Department start to excel in their service to the business.

Change Management

During the technological evolution of any environment, a variety of problems and incidents can occur.  The leading cause of failures in information technology is where an unexpected change occured.  An experience early in his career developed Benjamin’s passion for proper Change Management practices.  Promoting simple ideals like the proper plans of Implementation, Communications, Testing, and Contingency has helped with bringing teams together to build a better environment.  

IT Manager

During the days where Novell was king, and Windows was only an option and not the standard, Benjamin took on the IT Manager role at a Furniture Manufacturer.  There, he developed a custom-built MRP to bring them from the ’50s to state of the art.  Recently he modernized a company towards a paperless workplace (freeing 3 workers to do more important work), created custom databases for tracking inventories, and overhauled networks.  It’s not enough to manage, but one must also seek to improve. 

solution finder

Technology presents many advantages, but can also create challenges.  Problem and Incident Management are key towards stabalizing an infrastructure.  Benjamin is driven to improving the experience of the end user.  Like a doctor, he searches for the pain points, explores possible prescriptions, and administers a solution to ease the patient.  It could be increasing response on a network server, or improving how a custom program works, but the core goal is to make a productive worker, increasing company profit. 


Some resumes state everything you need to know about a future employee.  Some resumes provide only a small sample of the capabilities.  There are areas that I’ve worked with that aren’t enclosed within, because they aren’t the important portion.  I don’t list the specific server makes and models, because they change fast (HP, Dell, Cisco, Compaq back in the day).  I don’t list SANs, but the concepts are the same (EMC, Dell).  I don’t list scanners and copiers, but I’ve handled a number of them as well.  I’m also a quick study, and will keep your tech going.

Think about that car mechanic at the gas station on a busy highway in a remote town.  He needs to handle the problems of the Ford and the Nissan.  He has to handle the Pontiac and the Edsel too, even though nobody makes them any more.  I am the type of guy that knows not to put my hand near the fan blade, and that making a mistake with brakes could endanger lives.  I’ve had years of IT Experience, and if I haven’t worked with it, I get up to speed quick.  I know the basics of how to keep things running smoothly, and improve the computing experience of your employees.  Likewise, I know that IT mistakes could cost the company productivity, and profits, and take the proper precautions where needed.  

Information Manager

Experienced with small teams, and making SMBs better competitors in the marketplace through technology.

Change Management

Managing change to keep the company moving forward, following ITIL and established best practices for success.

Report Writer

Metrics reporting, and other forms of eliciting numbers and statistics is a part of many positions, in support of the overall business.  

Database handling

SQL, MySQL, and Access databases have been a distinct part of each position I’ve held over the many years in the industry.  

Web Development

Since 1995, I’ve produced websites for myself and others with glee.  It’s a competitive industry, but I still find joy in knowing how to do it myself.  


Audio Production

No rock star illusions, but sometimes people ask me more details about where I’ve worked in the audio field.

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I’m ready when you are!  Your better Information Technology department is  right around the corner.