3D printing

One example of where I pursue technology is where I see the most exciting things.  3D printing has become more and more approachable for the individual, as well as the small business in recent years, and can make businesses competitive in many areas.

The Power of 3D printing

The 3D printing experience

I have designed about a dozen unique and practical items on my own. A unique part of 3D printing, is learning the machine, the materials, and starting to think like an engineer. The ability to create something from raw materials is a quest that man has had since Grunt Grunt invented the wheel (and Ouchieyow invented fire).  

It’s not an official “production” experience yet, but this examines the type of background and interest in technology that I have.  

I’ve designed and printed the following custom items for myself:

  • a unique smartphone stand for thicker cases
  • 3 different demonstration items that I use when training people
  • a stand for tablets to go sideways
  • a deskstand for a piece of recording equipment that I have
  • a headphone hanger 
  • playing card holder for Go Fish or Uno
  • stand to hold paper straight up
  • many others

“Embrace the future before it becomes the past, and you’ll never have to catch-up again” – Benjamin Rockwell