IT Professional

basic introduction

Having worked in the Information Technology field for many years now, I have had the chance to see a wide variety of hardware, software, and networking equipment.  When I started as a field tech, the idea of people having computers at home was still strange, with less than 25% of people taking part in what was still a hobby.  Today, the idea of not having a tablet or laptop, and a smartphone, for each person is considered strange.

I had a home network (Lantastic, if you know what that is), before a majority of people had one computer.  I had a webpage while people were learning what the “World Wide Web” was.  I had a PalmPilot before most people heard of the concept.  Server.  Dual monitors.  Daisy wheel, dot matrix, and laser printers.  3-D Printers.  Virtual Server.  I’ve still got TRS-80’s, Osbourne Portables, 5 1/4″ floppy disks, and a few MFM and RLL hard drives as well.

Could I be on The Big Bang Theory?  Not likely, but I do enjoy many of the same things that the characters do, especially the FOX TV show Firefly.

Areas of Experience

IT Professional

IT Manager, IT SOX compliance, ITIL, Change Management, Service Management, and more.

Radio Talk Show Host

Since January 2008, I’ve been talking about technology on the broadcast radio program Computer Talk Radio.

Sound Technician / Engineer

When I was 13, I started to learn how to run a sound board.  I’ve been wearing headphones ever since.

Computer Consultant

No longer consulting for anyone but friends, this was a great learning experience.

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